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Submitted Photo Guidelines

Guidelines for photos submitted for Bill's processing to Create a DVD in his style.

         - Submit photos that are minimum about MB for decent resolution for 780X480 resolution photo show.

  If possible, submit on CD or DVD.

  JPEG photo format is preferred.

  Standard .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv movie formats are preferred.

         - If photos are meant to be stitched, please take these with an overlap of 10 to 20%.

  Avoid camera's extreme automatic aperture adjustment from one photo to another.

  Try to keep camera level from one shot to the next.

  Start series of photos for stitching, from left to right, if possible.

         - For the long range zoom sequences, especially meant for starting from inside a stitched panorama:

  Stand at the place used for the panoramic shots for stitching

  Take about four successively closer zoomed photos equally spaced apart in the sequence.

  It’s best if you start with the fully zoomed-in shot first so that you are sure to wind up with that shot centered on the object of interest.

         - Videos at 30 fps with stereo works well.

  Take from same position of stills, if related to stills at that spot.

  Slow panning and zooming is a must.

  Audio can be separated from video during photo show creation to allow reversing video to fit better  into flow of show (unless the audio requires forward only viewing of its video).

         - List your desired sequence of photos, referenced by photo file name.

         - Include desired MP3 background music files and any instructions for which files to use with specific sequences of photos.

         - Provide a summary of the reason for taking this set of photos.

  Overall summary

  Special sequences of photos that require more time allowed for in the show.

  Objects with specific photos that should be highlighted with more zoom to them.

         - Charges for service:  $1 per photo submitted and used in the show, $50 minimum.  Product is one master DVD.  Raw photo show file is kept for about a year in case of loss or desired rework.

For more information or an address to mail photos use this email address:

Copyright 2008 William Seifert